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Brittany Kapitan Graphic Artist

Logo Design

An important aspect to branding your business as you move forward with your business plan is your business logo. A great logo will make your stand out  in the business world of today. Consider a professionally designed custom logo for your business implementing your ideas. You will find that all business, regardless if they are in print, billboard or online have a logo, some very simple while others detailed and dynamic. Our team here at Kapitan Design Graphic Artist can most certainly help you in designing your logo whether you have one in mind or need some help creating one. We can help you come up with a few ideas, provide you with drafts of to review and we’ll refine it together for the perfect logo.

Color Choices

Colors are an important part of your business and should reflect the theme and direction of your business.  We recommend two colors and if a third one to to be added is an accent. This third color should not be overly used but only as an accent to complement what is already going on. It is important to make sure that your colors are complementing  one another and are not clashing. Here at kapitan Design, we will help you with choosing colors that not only work best, but also reflect the ideas you have in mind.

Texture in Design Influences the Effectiveness of Your Branding

The texture in your design can influence that overall look of your business and impact your branding. For instance, if your are a wood crafting shop, you might consider a mechanical wood tools looking logo or design that has that “construction”feel. If you are a spiritual book store, you might want to consider something a bit softer with a “warm” feeling.  This design can either influence and attract or push away business prospects.

Brief Conclusion

Kapitan Design is your professional choice  for branding, logos, signs, banners and more. If I can be of any further assistance, please feel free to contact me at the email address below and be sure to visit my  my site Kapitan Design. Thank you, Brittany Kapitan Graphic Artist